About Ivy, Our New TG Puppy

A few more pictures of our gang. Ivy June (Onyx/Jasper 11.18.21) has officially been home one week and a couple hours. Ivy loves her big brother, Murphy (Emerald1/Jade 3.14.18), and her big sister, Emma Grace (Onyx/Jasper 11.9.19), and they love her, too.

Ivy has been so good. She sleeps all night and is doing well with potty training. She sits, does stairs, knows her name, doing well learning leash walking (only inside the house and back yard until she’s vaccinated appropriately) and has done amazing with crate training. She’s learned so much by following Murphy and Emma, too.

Ivy has the perfect mix of calmness, gentleness, and is very curious, yet she is fearless and has some sass, too. She’s the perfect addition to my family. 🐾❤🐾❤🐾