YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR TREASURE GOLDENS PUPPY. I have FOUR Treasure Goldens and they the best puppies ever!! They are very well behaved, they were easy to train, they are very happy, and most of all, healthy. They get along with each other very well, and play wonderfully together! My babies ages are 6 (will be 7 on 4/28), 5 (will be 6 on 3/14), 4, and 2. 💙❤️❤️❤️

He is the sweetest boy you’ve ever seen.

Here we are, on our new adventure having a beautiful, Missie,  Treasure Golden puppy. The love is evident. She is so loving. Suzy Brian Stutz are the most awesome breeders of these beauties. So much more love and fun to come.  Getting there may have made life difficult at times, but look what we have in return. Love.  Thank you, Brian and Suzy,  for being such fabulous breeders and new friends.

I initially wrote this for Dove-Marie’s birthday back on Halloween. By the time I realized I never posted it, it was in the awkward too late phase. But with today being national Golden retriever day, I will celebrate Dove-Marie even though we’re way past her actual 7th birthday. (And then I didn’t even post on Golden Retriever day!! Better late than never 😉)

Dove and I are in the process of becoming a therapy dog team, being able to visit kids in the hospital who are sick, just like me. That was my favorite thing about hospitals, and I quickly learned the dog’s schedules. It didn’t feel like a hospital when the dogs were there! Her birthday was Halloween, turning 7yr old. It seems like it was just yesterday that Make-A-Wish Alabama tricked me into thinking I’d be picking up Dove-Marie (my wish) at the Birmingham Airport when they really had her at a local pet store downtown!

Dove’s breeder Treasure Goldens promised me I would be getting a girl puppy 2 days after Christmas. When Dove’s mother had her last litter, Dove ended up being the only girl. They could’ve pushed me to the next litter and kept her to breed. But they chose to help grant my wish and gave me the sole girl. And I can’t thank Make-A-Wish or Treasure Goldens enough for what they did for me!!! I love you so much Dove-Marie. 💙 Happy late birthday/golden retriever day!!

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My Dutch!! ❤️❤️❤️. Treasure Golden pups are gorgeous, sweet, smart and most importantly very loving! We feel blessed to call this one ours!

English Cream Golden holding a toy

I wanted to give you an update on the wonderful puppy(Mr. Wigglesworth) I got from you. He will be 2 years old this March 14th. He has received his Canine Good Citizenship award from the AKC and he has now become a Certified Therapy Dog with the National Alliance of Therapy Dogs. He makes so many people happy with his great kindness and love for people. I wanted to give you an update. He is great. Thank you for letting me adopt such a wonderful dog.

Martha Mertes
White golden puppy at the vet

Emma Grace had her 2nd appointment with Dr. Wagner this morning. Dr. Wagner and staff can’t believe how calm she is. He said she’s doing amazing … Emma weighed 8.1 pounds today. Perfect health, still no potty accidents, zero digestive issues, sleeps all night until her and Murphy go outside for potty at 5 or 6 am (depends on the night), and her and Murphy are still best buddies. I am so blessed. Thank you Brian & Suzy Stutz for Emma Grace and big brother, Murphy. I will post some pictures and videos from this week later today.

Cinda Mudd

Violet has been in our life for six days now. She is special. She is our fifth golden. We have loved them all. We simply can’t imagine a more wonderful puppy than Violet, so full of energy yet cuddly and loving.

Tom Edwards
English Cream Puppy in bucket with pumpkins

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Asha. She is the sweetest most well behaved puppy we have ever met! Practically potty trained and she goes up the steps to our back covered patio already by herself!! She is so smart and so eager to please. She loves going for car rides and does not make a peep! We wondered if she had a voice at one point because she was so well behaved but we heard her powerful bark haha. Photos attached! We will keep giving you updates every couple weeks! Thank you so much!! She is the best gift from God.

Hayley and Tyler

First let me start by saying she is so BEAUTIFUL!! Her fur is so very soft. We just adore her!! She is 110% pure puppy full of non-stop energy! She sleeps through the night in a crate in our bedroom but is awake most mornings by 5:30am. She has slept there from the day we brought her home. Zoey never has had an issue being in her crate. Dennis and I walk her about a mile outside at least once a day and on the cold, nasty days she and I walk up and down the aisles here at the motorcycle dealership. Our employees LOVE her!!

Zoey completed a group puppy obedience class at the Agility Gym, and is currently doing in-home training with a trainer recommended by our friend who trains the K9s for the Canton Police Department. Zoey is also enrolled for the Canine Good Citizen class which begins in March. She has really responded to the one-on-one training with the trainer at our home…she knows all the basic commands (sit, down, stay, left paw, right paw) and is working on staying off countertops and stealing items that do not belong to her. Zoey visits my Moo who has moved into a retirement facility – everybody there loves her too!

Zoey weighs 61 pounds!!

Would love to bring her to your house this spring so you can see her.

Thank you for our friend – she makes us smile every day!!

Take care,

Danette Harding

I’m absolutely in love with our little boy, however he’s not so small anymore. At his last vet visit he was 38.4 and that was a month ago. He and our older dog, McDuffy, get along very well. We will be taking Tudor to puppy classes shortly, but has had training at home.

Margaret , McDuffy and Tudor

Just a quick update, Talis slept all night, started on our bed and then after 2 hours put him in his crate, slept till 7:30 , yeah, he has had no accidents in the house and seems to be adjusting fine. getting to know sounds and of course investigate the house. He is so very socialized and we thank you for that. A good boy. We love him

Barb Galbreath

Just a little update on our Simi girl. Diamond and Jade puppy. She’s 8 mos now! What a joy she has brought to our life. We try to take her everywhere. We’ve learned she’s very cautious at everything she approaches. At first I was afraid she wasn’t going to be a water dog and we are boaters and live on the water! Now, if we get in the pool she has to get in. If we go bye bye, she thinks she has to go too. No matter where we are with her, whether walking down the street or we take her to the beach or to an outdoor eatery, people approach us about her beauty and what breed. She has added so much joy and fun to our life, it’s made Mark and I even closer, we love including Simi in everything we do. My nieces love her too. I am so glad we found you.

Tamara Venditti
English cream golden retriever puppy in front of wall

He is getting big weighs about 45 lbs. already!! Great puppy! He has passed his puppy classes and just completed the next class and passed his Good Citizenship Test – He is a great puppy and so smart!!

Brenda Halker

Hi Suzy and Brian,

Just to let you know how JoJo is doing great.  She did wonderful on the long ride home, with 5 poddy stops.  One third on my lap with her cushion and two thirds in her crate.  Her first night went well, I did put the hand towel in her crate and she settled down very quickly.  She had her first bath on Saturday.  Her poddy training is going very well, teaching her the bells that hang on the door.  Last night was her first time to go and ring it, so I took her out and she did business #1, a good start.  She starting to know her name.  JoJo is doing great for only being in our family for 4 ½ days.  Tuesday was her first day at my office, everyone loved on her.  Our daughter’s family has decided on another breed and will receive the puppy (he) this Friday (was her husband choice this time).  So JoJo will have a playmate.  Our office will be like dog care center than an adoption agency.

Thanks so much for such a sweet girl!

Carole and Bob

I wanted to take a moment and provide a few pics of Kona to share with your husband and the children.

Kona is an amazing dog, thank you for breeding great dogs. Kona  lives an amazing life at our home.

Randy Lutz
girl gets her dream, a beautiful English puppy

Huntsville teen’s wish comes true! Thanks Make-a-Wish Foundation for helping to make her dream come true!
Megan wished for this dog partly so she could help others. “My favorite part when I was in the hospital were the therapy dogs coming to see me,” Megan said. “I just loved that, so I wanted to get her so I could train her to become a therapy dog, and that way I can bring a little bit of joy to kids who are in the hospital too.”

Megan has a new puppy and a new path to recovery. After having her pancreas removed, she is on her way to recovery.

Megan Roberts

Thanks to you, Brian, and your children for breeding and loving these loving animals.  I am so happy that we stumbled upon your website as our home has been missing the constant and never-ending love that only a Golden Retriever can add.

Gerry Berger

I have never seen a puppy as calm as this guy. Are all of your puppies so relaxed and calm?  It’s amazing.

Russ D'Argento

Dear Suzy, Brian and Family:

Three years ago I went on my puppy hunt.  I studied every breed wanting for a larger dog that would have to interact well with my grandson who at the time was a toddler and had a great fear of dogs.  I came across the English Golden Retriever two years ago and have done my homework in studying the breeds disposition as well as talking to different breeders.  In making our minds up that this is the breed we wanted I was blessed with finding you.  I was so impressed when I first visited you and witnessed the dedication your family in whole has for the love of this breed.  I was surrounded by your beautiful, happy, healthy puppies and I thought to myself, how could ever pick?  But, I did.

Bentley Nigel has the most wonderful personality and disposition I have ever seen in a puppy. How could I describe him? He has all the characteristics of a puppy, and much more. He is intelligent, you see it in his inquisitiveness ……he studies people, behaviors, events and seems to have an uncanny way of deciding on what he will do next. Of course, he also pounces, runs, jumps without notice or care. He is so affectionate and delivers boundless love. One of the joys he shares is his way of talking with little gurgles, coos, or squeals of joy. You just can’t make this stuff up.  My Grandson Crew is one of Bentley’s best friends now.

We thank you so much for putting much more into breeding these English Cream Golden Retrievers.  Bentley is proof this is not just a business for your family, it is a family affair connection called love and dedication.

Melanie and Greg

We were so fortunate to stumble upon the Treasure Goldens website while in the market to replace recently-deceased blonde Golden Retriever with an English Cream.  Immediately upon our first visit, one could easily identify with the love and sincerity that Brian & Suzy devotes to their dogs as responsible breeders.  It was a pleasure to see the entire family effort as the children enthusiastically assists in all areas of raising the puppies for the proper social development.

We’re so happy with our Baxter – he’s the hit of the neighborhood with his handsome looks, white coat,  and champion-like  prancing.  I highly recommend Treasure Goldens especially if distance prohibits one from visiting their home in the Canal Fulton area.

Gerry & Debbie Berger

To the Stutz Family:

We are so very happy with our choice to purchase one of your Treasured Goldens.  We knew with our first visit that you were dedicated to providing the best English Creams and that the entire family shared in the efforts.  Gretchen has a wonderful personality and is so playful and inquisitive.  We are truly blessed to have found your website and have recommended you to our family and friends.

Bob & Barb Pendleton

We lost our beautiful 13 year old golden retriever Sarah, in 2009, the same year our youngest son graduated from high school. After our son left for college, the empty nest syndrome set in hard. My husband finally gave in last Christmas 2010, and presented me with a “certificate” for an English Cream White Golden Retriever puppy from the Stutz family at Treasure Goldens. My husband did a lot of research before deciding that he was most impressed with the operation, integrity, and genuine care of the puppies at Treasure Goldens.  My husband made a personal visit to the Stutz farm June 9, 2011 to pick up our sweet Lucy, and was very impressed with the family as well as with the handing over process. They had my husband sign an extensive contract ensuring the best protection and care would be given to our new puppy, and sent him off with all the paperwork needed for our first vet visit, NuVet vitamin coupons, food for the road, etc. Needless to say my husband was very impressed.

We’ve had Lucy home now for two weeks and are astounded at how quickly she has taken to training. She has adjusted beautifully to her new home and surroundings, hasn’t cried once at night! She was the hit of the airport, was very calm, and did not make a peep on the plane ride home. She won everyone over with her sweet disposition. We could not be happier to have her as a loving member of our family and we highly recommend Treasure Goldens to anyone interested in a high quality bred English Cream White Golden puppy!

Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have, we feel truly blessed!

Mark and Lisa Trigsted

Dear Stutz family,

As we approach Lucia’s 2 birthday we have been talking about
adding to our family.  We truly believe that she is the best dog we have
ever had and would like to find out if you will be having more litters in
2012.  We would be interested in a female.  This summer, Lucia will
hit her stride.  She has been enjoying runs on the golf course with me (we
go 3.2 miles and she only stops once for a quick drink).  She has never
needed to be leashed and stays right on my left hand side.  This weekend
we took her into a healthcare rehabilitation facility and visited a friend of
ours.  She just loved the patience and sat very still and let them pet
her.  We are going to explore certifying her for visitation more places.
Her calm demeanor is perfect for it.  People think she is 5-6 years old
and not 1¾.

Heidi Voss

We have had a wonderful day!!!! Lil Wimpers is on his way home, but nothing but fun since!!! She has played outside all day with friends and family, and has been spoiled by many new toys and treats she is simply awesome …thanks again for all of your hard work…we will always recommend Treasure Goldens!!!!!

Jeff Poth

Brian and Suzy,

Just wanted to let you know Brody is the best puppy anyone could ever ask for. He has adjusted to his new home from day 1. He and Sadie get along great, and Marie and I could not be happier. Thanks again.

Jeff Poth

Hello all,

Just sending an update on little Charli Girl. She is doing awesome! She loves her brother Oscar! She wrestles him for hours throughout the day.  I attached a couple photos for you guys. Hope all is well with your family. Thanks.

Jim Raterman

Brian and Suzy,

Just wanted you to see Brody. He is drying on the deck after his evening walk and swim. He is 100 lbs. perfectly healthy and happy. I can not get over how smart he is. Brody truly is the best dog I ever owned. Thanks again.

Jeff Poth