Understanding the “Runt” of the Litter: Insights into English Cream Golden Retrievers

Is there such a thing as the “runt” of a litter? 🐾Technically, by definition, the runt of a litter is the smallest weakest puppy. 🐶 Born in the wild, this puppy would have a hard chance of surviving as it competed with its stronger brothers and sisters for nutrients. 🐾 However, most often this is not the case today with domesticated breeds that receive love, attention, and care from their owners! 🐾 Just because a puppy is born smaller than the rest does not mean it is weak or unhealthy. When breeding, dogs have a window of time for conception. Therefore in a healthy litter, some puppies may have been conceived on the first day of breeding and others may have been conceived three days later. 🐾 Most often today’s runts are smaller simply because they are developmentally a few days behind their brother and sisters. But they are vigorous and healthy, just a bit smaller. And given the extra care and attention they receive, they quickly catch up to hold their own with their brothers and sisters. 🐾 Still have questions or do you have another question about dogs, puppies, or breeding that you would like to know? Let me know! 😀